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Graffos Simple Pricing


  • 4 Skills - Self-Esteem, Concentration, Motivation and Competitiveness 
  • ✅ Mode: Automatic
  • ✅ Training: 24/7
  • ✅ Recommendations: Automatic 


  • 10 Skills - Basic + adaptability, decisiveness, discipline, precision, prevision and resilience.
  • ✅ Mode: Automatic & Coach intervene.
  • ✅ Training: 24/7
  • ✅ Recommendations: Automatic.


  • 20 Skills - Advanced + ambition, self-control, comfort zone and others associated with Fixed Mindset.
  • Mode: Semi-automatic. Analyst and Coach intervene.
  • ✅ Training: 24/7
  • ✅ Recommendations: Automatic and by a Graffos Analyst.



  • 26 Skills - Premium + all Motivational Engines. Growth mindset.
  • ✅ Mode: Personalized. Involved: Analyst and Coach. Can also intervene: Sports Psychologist and/or Physical Trainer.
  • ✅ Training: 24/7
  • ✅ Recommendations: Automatic and by a Graffos Analyst. Sports Psychologist may be involved.


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  • ✅ We have special prices for multi-licence contracting. Ask for conditions
  • Students: All students will receive an individual license discount. 
    60% OFF.
  • Business: Clubs, Federations, Corporations, Associations, Schools, Academies, Coaches, Psychologists, etc.

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